Design Gallery

The following products are a sample of some of the design projects we've completed and illustrate the various industries we serve and our design capabilities.

Electronic Flow meter

An electronic flow meter that monitors coolant flow and temperature in the plastics injection molding industry


Wireless Call Station

This device provides a wireless "call for help" for residents of nursing home or assisted living facilities.


Enteral Feeding Infusion Pump

This medical device controls and monitors patient feeding through a gastro-enteral feeding tube.


Digital Clinical Thermometer

A handheld battery powered digital thermometer that operates with the speed of infrared thermometers, but with the repeatability and accuracy of much slower probe-type thermometers.

Commercial Truck Trailer Brake System Monitor

This system monitors a commercial truck trailer's air & service brake conditions, brake air reservoir & tire pressures and alerts the driver of problems in the braking system of the trailer.

Commercial Irrigation System Controller

A modular control panel that manages a commercial landscape irrigation system. The system incorporates a programmable irrigation schedule which can be modified by local soil moisture sensors and real time NOAA weather data received over a wired or wireless network connection.



Fire Suppression System

This control panel is the central component of an automated fire suppression system. It monitors and controls the release of CO2, FM-200 or water extinguishing agents.


Cast Saw Automatic Vacuum Control

This device controls a vacuum system attached to a medical cast saw. The system is a standalone unit that allows a wide range of cast saws to be used. The vacuum control system monitors the cast saw and automatically starts and stops the vacuum as the cast saw is used to remove the dust created in the sawing process.