Design Skills and Experience

Since we've been in business since 1986 we've successfully completed numerous projects in a variety of industries and gained valuable experience in a wide area of design activities.

Our product design experience ranges from simple single circuit board assemblies to multi-module systems with extensive display & communications capabilities. Here are some of the key areas of skill and experience we offer:

Design & development experience with numerous microcontroller families
PIC12/PIC16/PIC18/PIC24 and dsPIC, ARM7/Cortex-M0/Cortex-M3/ARM9, MSP430, AVR, 68HC05/68HC09/68HC11, Rabbit R2000/R3000/R4000, 8051 family and derivatives.

Software development using Assembly, "C", and Basic languages

Experience with a variety of display technologies
LCD – low power custom static & multiplex displays, character modules, monochrome & color graphics modules both with & without touchscreen, LED display devices and CRT based displays.

Experience with a variety of sensor and transducer technologies
Pressure, Temperature, Strain Gauge, Hall Effect, Ultrasonic, and Infrared.

Experience with a variety of communications systems
RS232, RS485/422, USB Host and Client, Ethernet, CAN Bus, RF (WiFi – 802.11b/g/n, Zigbee – 802.15.4, Bluetooth – 802.15.1 and various proprietary radios and modules), Commercial Automotive Powerline (PLC4Trucks) and Infrared.

Experience with product approval and regulatory agencies
Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Intertek (ETL), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US Federal Communications Comission (FCC) and Factory Mutual (FM).

Registered Design Consultant
Microchip Technology, Rabbit Semiconductor, Atmel, Cypress Semiconductor and Freescale. 

Design Process

Every good design starts with a good product specification. It is the blueprint to success. If you don't have a complete product specification, we'll work with you to develop one.

A design proposal with a time & cost estimate for your design will be developed from the product specification and any other requirements you may have. Once the design proposal is accepted a more accurate development schedule may be constructed and the design project can begin.

Computer aided design tools are extensively employed to provide a thoroughly designed, tested and documented product to you. Schematic & PCB design EDA tools, mechanical CAD tools, project scheduling, and design simulation and verification tools are utilized to provide the highest quality design as well as the maximum amount of re-usable design data.

Software design activities emphasize reliability and functionality. Software is written to ANSI standards wherever possible to allow the best code portability and re-use. All source code is provided to you at the completion of the project – it's your software, you own it.

All designs are prototyped and thoroughly tested for compliance with the product specifications, assuring the design we provide meets your requirements. Technical support is available for regulatory agency testing and approval, if required.

Complete production documentation is provided with each design, it's your design – you own it.

We recommend that every product design which will be produced at a contract manufacturing facility includes a functional manufacturing test as part of the design process. Every product should be tested for functionality before it leaves the contract manufacturer's facility. This insures you receive 100% functional assemblies and also provides you with a method to perform incoming inspections to verify the contract manufacturer's work. This is ideally included as part of the design process and we will work with you to develop a cost effective production testing strategy.

All products are designed with ease of manufacture and quality assurance as a major focus of concern – ensuring a reliable and cost effective product.